Connecticut Plants
Cinnamon Fern
Osmundastrum cinnamomeum (L.) C. Presl

This is one of Connecticut's largest ferns. Its fiddleheads are food for ruffed grouse, and hummingbirds sometimes use the fuzz on young fronds to line their nests.

  • Synonyms: Osmunda cinnamomea L.
  • Family: royal fern (Osmundaceae)
  • Habitat: swamps and streambanks
  • Height: 2 to 5 feet
  • Location of spores: separate fertile fronds are cinnamon-colored, narrow and erect
  • Petiole (leaf stalk): round and slightly grooved; at first covered with cinnamon-colored hairs, later smooth and green
  • Growth pattern: symmetric clump
  • Persistence: deciduous
  • Origin: native

Tip of a cinnamon fern frond.