Connecticut Plants
Large-leaved Aster
Eurybia macrophylla (L.) Cass.

An identifying mark of this aster is its lower leaves -- large, heart-shaped leaves that feel very rough to the touch. Schreber's aster has similar leaves, but its flowers have white rays, not pale purple.

  • Synonyms: Aster macrophyllus
  • Family: aster (Asteraceae)
  • Habitat: woods, clearings
  • Height: 1-5 feet
  • Flower size: flowerheads 1/2 to 5/8 inch across
  • Flower color: pale purple rays around a yellow disk that ages to reddish
  • Flowering time: August to September
  • Origin: native
Eurybia macrophylla (L.) Cass.
Eurybia macrophylla (L.) Cass.
Eurybia macrophylla (L.) Cass.

The basal (lowest) leaves of this aster are large, heart-shaped, and rough to the touch.

Eurybia macrophylla (L.) Cass.

Large-leaved aster sometimes forms a carpet of leaves, with only a few plants flowering.