Connecticut Plants
Galeopsis tetrahit L.

Hemp-nettle can be distinguished from bifid hemp-nettle by the lower petal -- this is strongly notched on bifid hemp-nettle, and unnotched or very slightly notched on hemp-nettle. In addition, bifid hemp-nettle usually has pink flowers, while North American populations of hemp-nettle usually have white flowers. Hempnettle originated in Europe, but, curiously, in Europe its flowers are mostly pink, not white.

  • Family: mint (Lamiaceae)
  • Habitat: roadsides, waste places
  • Height: 1 to 2-1/2 feet
  • Flower size: 1/2 inch across
  • Flower color: white with magenta markings
  • Flowering time: June to September
  • Origin: Europe and Asia
Galeopsis tetrahit L.
Galeopsis tetrahit L.