Connecticut Plants
Spatterdock (Large Yellow Pond Lily)
Nuphar advena (Ait.) Ait. f. in Ait. & Ait. f.

Large yellow pond-lily is believed to no longer grow in Connecticut. Connecticut still has several other species of yellow pond lily. Most of them typically grow with their leaves floating on the water; this species, however, typically has leaves that rise well above the water.

  • Family: water lily (Nymphaeaceae)
  • Habitat: edges of slow-moving streams or occasionally ponds
  • Height: 2-3 feet
  • Flower size: 1 to 2-1/2 inches across
  • Flower color: yellow
  • Flowering time: May to September
  • Origin: native
Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm.
Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm.

Leaves of spatterdock.

Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm.