Connecticut Plants
Golden Ragwort
Packera aurea (L.) A. & D. Löve

This is one of three species of ragwort in Connecticut, all with similar flowers. The basal (lowest) leaves of golden ragwort are heart-shaped. Roundleaf ragwort has egg-shaped basal leaves; balsam ragwort has oblong to lance-shaped basal leaves.

  • Synonyms: Senecio aureus
  • Family: aster (Asteraceae)
  • Habitat: wet woods, meadows, swamps
  • Height: 1-3 feet
  • Flower size: flower head 3/4 inch wide
  • Flower color: yellow
  • Flowering time: May to June
  • Origin: native
Packera aurea (L.) A.& D. Lˆve
Packera aurea (L.) A.& D. Lˆve