Connecticut Plants
Sickle-leaf Golden-aster
Pityopsis falcata (Pursh) Nutt.

Sickle-leaved golden aster is endangered in the state of Connecticut.

  • Synonyms: Chrysopsis falcata
  • Family: aster (Asteraceae)
  • Habitat: dry, sandy soil near the coast, pine barrens
  • Height: 8-15 inches
  • Flower size: flowerheads 3/4 inch across
  • Flower color: yellow
  • Flowering time: July to September
  • Origin: native
Pityopsis falcata (Pursh) Nutt.
Pityopsis falcata (Pursh) Nutt.

Note the slender, curved leaves -- they are a good field mark for sickle-leaf goldenaster.