Connecticut Plants
Pale Green Orchid (Southern Rein Orchid, Tubercled Orchid)
Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl.

Pale green orchid is rare in Connecticut; it is listed as a species of special concern.

  • Synonyms: Habenaria flava
  • Family: orchid (Orchidaceae)
  • Habitat: wet woods, meadows, shores; in rich, moderately acidic soil
  • Height: 8-24 inches
  • Flower size: 1/4 inch across
  • Flower color: green, yellow-green, or pale green
  • Flowering time: June to August
  • Origin: native
Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl.
Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl.
Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl.

This plant is sometimes called "tuberculed orchid" because each flower has a small bump or "tubercle" in the middle of the lip petal. This is most clearly visible on the lower left flower.