Connecticut Plants
Long-bristled Smartweed (Oriental Lady's-thumb)
Persicaria longiseta (Bruijn) Kitagawa

Long-bristled smartweed is one of several species of smartweeds that look similar. To identify this one, look for papery sheaths around the leaf joints with long, fine bristles at the top.

  • Synonyms: Persicaria caespitosa (Blume) Nakai var. longiseta (Bruijn) C.F. Reed, Polygonum cespitosum Blume var. longisetum (Bruijn) A.N. Steward
  • Family: buckwheat (Polygonaceae)
  • Habitat: roadsides, damp or wet places
  • Height: 6-30 inches
  • Flower size: 1/8 inch long
  • Flower color: pink
  • Flowering time: June to October
  • Origin: Asia
Polygonum caespitosum Blume
Polygonum caespitosum Blume