Connecticut Plants
Swamp Azalea (Clammy Azalea, Swamp-honeysuckle)
Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr.

The fragrant flowers have given this shrub the name swamp-honeysuckle, although it is unrelated to honeysuckles (genus Lonicera).

  • Family: heath (Ericaceae)
  • Habitat: swamps, thickets
  • Height: 3-8 feet
  • Flower size: 1 to 1/2-2 inches long
  • Flower color: white with sticky, reddish hairs
  • Flowering time: June to July
  • Origin: native
Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr.
Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr.

Photographed in Burlington County, New Jersey in late June.