Connecticut Plants
Virginia Snakeroot
Endodeca serpentaria (L.) Raf.

The flowers are held just above the ground, making Virginia snakeroot difficult to spot by its flowers. It's easier to detect by the foliage -- look for narrow, heart-shaped leaves on a stem that zigzags slightly. The plant is rare in Connecticut; the state lists it as a species of special concern.

  • Synonyms: Aristolochia serpentaria L.
  • Family: birthwort (Aristolochiaceae)
  • Habitat: dry, rocky woods
  • Height: 8-24 inches
  • Flower size: 3/4 inch long
  • Flower color: purplish-brown
  • Flowering time: May to July
  • Origin: native
Aristolochia serpentaria L.
Aristolochia serpentaria L.

If you look at the base of the plant on the left, you can just make out a flower.