Connecticut Plants
Wake-robin (Birthroot, Purple Trillium)
Trillium erectum L.

Wake-robin usually has dark reddish-purple flowers, but occasionally they are white. More rarely, the flowers are pinkish or greenish. White-flowered wake-robin can be confused with large-flowered trillium, but wake-robin has a purple ovary (in the middle of the flower), and its petals are narrower and do not overlap at the base.

  • Family: bunchflower (Melanthiaceae)
  • Habitat: rich woods
  • Height: 7-16 inches
  • Flower size: 2-3 inches wide
  • Flower color: dark reddish-purple, occasionally pink, white, or greenish
  • Flowering time: April to June
  • Origin: native
Trillium erectum L.
Trillium erectum L.
Trillium erectum L.