Connecticut Plants
Common Bladderwort (Greater Bladderwort)
Utricularia vulgaris L.

Bladderworts are carnivorous plants of bogs and shallow water. Submerged leaves (not visible in the photo) bear small round bladders. Tiny swimming animals touch trigger hairs around the mouth of a bladder. A trap door opens and the bladder expands, sucking the prey inside. Common bladderwort can be distinguished from other bladderworts by the short, curved spur on the flower.

  • Synonyms: Utricularia macrorhiza Le Conte
  • Family: bladderwort (Lentibulariaceae)
  • Habitat: shallow water
  • Height: 4-8 inches
  • Flower size: 3/4 inch long
  • Flower color: yellow
  • Flowering time: May to September
  • Origin: native
Utricularia macrorhiza Le Conte
Utricularia macrorhiza Le Conte