Connecticut Plants
Marsh Blue Violet
Viola cucullata Ait.

This is a violet of wet places. The most reliable way to identify this species is to look very closely at the beards on the lower side petals. In marsh blue violet, the hairs are thick and rounded at the tip, like tiny clubs. Other bearded blue violets have slender, pointed hairs. Other identifying marks: the flowers stand well above the leaves, and the petals usually are darker at the base.

  • Family: violet (Violaceae)
  • Habitat: wet meadows, bogs
  • Height: 5-10 inches
  • Flower size: 3/4 inch wide
  • Flower color: blue-purple
  • Flowering time: April to June
  • Origin: native
Viola cucullata Ait.
Viola cucullata Ait.
Viola cucullata Ait.