Connecticut Plants
White Boneset (White Thoroughwort)
Eupatorium album L.

White boneset is endangered in Connecticut. The "white" in the name comes not from the flowers (most bonesets are white), but from the bracts just below the flowers, which have white tips (see close-up photo below).

  • Family: aster (Asteraceae)
  • Habitat: dry, sandy woods and meadows
  • Height: 2 to 3 feet
  • Flower size: flowerheads 1/4 inch long
  • Flower color: white
  • Flowering time: September to October
  • Origin: native

This plant is not yet fully in bloom. Photographed in mid-September in southeast Pennsylvania.

White thoroughwort has bracts that are very strongly pointed and have white edges and tips. This photo was taken before the flowers emerged, when the bracts are particularly noticeable.