The Connecticut Botanical Society is proud to launch its SMALL GRANTS PROGRAM for land conservation and habitat improvement projects.  See below for more information.


CBS land conservation grants will place priority on protection of rare/uncommon/native plants or natural communities or areas of high native diversity. Therefore, CBS may consider high quality habitats that could support rare/uncommon native plants or high native diversity.

CBS grants will also consider habitat improvement projects, with priority placed on projects with a good likelihood of long-term success.

CBS will deprioritize land conservation grants that exist for the simple purpose of expanding open space or including recreational space, when said space is not botanically distinctive (e.g., to link two parts of a hiking trail, or to provide access to another parcel which is either botanically undistinctive or degraded).

CBS may consider grants that aid in creating habitat for imperiled native animals, including pollinators, consistent with the first priority. CBS may consider need/urgency, prioritizing parcels that might be lost if they don’t receive immediate support.

CBS may consider projects that support environmental justice, including protecting open space in low-income and urban communities. For land conservation, CBS will only fund projects where the conservation of the land is guaranteed by deed for perpetuity.

CBS may consider funding a botanist/ecologist for a plant inventory to aid management of properties acquired via CBS grants.

CBS may also consider assistance with fund-raising expenses for projects that meet the above criteria. And may help land trusts/organizations in fundraising with activities such as providing high quality plant photos and information, leading walks, etc.

CBS will only fund projects that take place in Connecticut.


    1. Applications are due JUNE 15, 2023. Exceptions may be made for situations where timing is critical. We may ask to visit the site and expect that our request can be accommodated promptly. We will make every effort to notify you within ten weeks. In some situations, an application may be postponed if we feel a need to visit the site later in the growing season.
    1. There is no set minimum or maximum award but awards generally will be between $1,000 and $5,000.00.
    1. To be considered, grant proposals need to meet one or more of the criteria listed above: Connecticut Botanical Society Criteria for Small Grants Funding.
    1. Following awarding of the grant, we ask for SIMPLE (one paragraph will suffice) progress reports every six months, followed by a final report upon completion of the project. Failure to submit reports will disqualify applicants from submitting future applications. It is assumed that no activities will take place that will violate the intent of our grant. In such a case, we may ask for a return of funds.
    1. An applicant must be a member of CBS to apply. A membership application may be found here
    1. CBS must be credited in any publicity resulting from any initiative funded either wholly, or in part, with funds from CBS.
    1. All decisions will be made at the sole discretion of CBS and shall be final.